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Our adventure cruises offer you the most incredible experience of visiting awe-inspiring and adventurous landscapes that are mostly accessible by a blue cruise. You can choose a culinary cruise or a cruise that takes you for some adrenaline pumping outdoor activity such as white river rafting, mountain climbing, hiking and trekking.

Or you might be interested in a combination of both the options! Let us be your ‘genie in a bottle’ and make your dream adventure holiday come true!


Do you wish to go on a time travel? Let our customized archaeological cruise be your time machine to take you along the same waters that sailors in the Bronze Age navigated. From the original ancient beauty of the turquoise coastline spotted with mineral cliffs and mountain ranges to quaint coves replete with archaeological wonders, we will be your guide on the most enriching cruise of your life.

Choosing our archaeological cruise will give you a chance to witness some of the finest art works of the ancient Hattians, who prospered in Central Anatolia between 2500 – 2000 BC. This time travel is guaranteed to help you capture rich moments of the ancient history by reaching out to the earliest ruins and sites in the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts. Cruise with us along the crystal clear and unpolluted waters of the Turquoise Coast... and discover archaeological wonders you’ve never seen before!


Enjoy an unparalled sensory experience that combines culinary delight with the refreshing vigor of a yachting voyage. Spend an afternoon fishing in the calm waters of the Mediterranean or the Aegean Sea and then watch our experienced local chefs turn your catch into a taste sensation!

Classic Anatolian and Ottoman cuisine is usually the theme of the cruise, with chefs making the most of seasonal ingredients and using local ingredients such as aubergine, to prepare yoghurt-based dishes and vegetarian delights. Expand your knowledge of cooking and experience both new and classic Turkish cultural cuisines in this two-in-one culinary cruise!


Cruise weddings are simply perfect. After all, could there be an experience better than entering into an eternal bond of love and companionship with your partner amidst the most pristine and picturesque settings of the blue sea and the towering mountains? Experience the magic with us on our Wedding Cruises, designed specially to lend an added delight to the most special moment of your life. Extend the excitement of your cruise wedding with a honeymoon cruise and enjoy your romantic journey as a newly married couple!

Should you want, we can also arrange 1-5 Gulet Yachts for your family and guests on board to cruise together with you. We can help you plan everything – from a luxury cruise to a romantic honeymoon at the best deals!

Begin your new life together with love, fun, laughter, fabulous service and sporting activities and enjoy the ultimate vacation fantasy on our romantic wedding & honeymoon cruise.


Unearth history and enrich your knowledge through your travel with our specialized guide. You are provided with supporting literature and maps to endorse stories and local myths as references to make your study/educational cruise more real and worthwhile than ever.

You may have many interests, which is exactly why we have many itineraries. Each cruise is guaranteed to satiate your quest for learning and exploration!


Our devoted team of Turkey cruising professionals provides all kinds of services required for a successful cruise. We invite you to enhance your cruise experience with a special interest or themed cruise based on a handpicked selection of themes and occasions.

Some of our upcoming special interest cruises include Celebrations, Special Days, Parties, TV programmes, Company Trips, Cruising for Disabled Persons and more.

Please contact us for more information!

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